The TimeWorm SERIES

Are you looking for a thriller to keep you on your toes ? Come on an adventure drawing America's future back through Nazi Germany to bring history alive.  

High school and middle school teachers are drawn to this historical fiction. 

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The Authors

Storytellers at Heart

JIMMY ADAMS joined the U.S. Army immediately after high school and served two years in the infantry. He went on to college to earn degrees in political science and history. Now married, he resides with his wife and animal family in the heartland. He is currently a secondary social studies teacher doing his best to ignite a fire for learning and understanding history for all of his students. Outside the classroom, Jimmy coaches cross country, track, and the swim team. He enjoys competing in triathlons, obstacle course races, and cycling. He is very excited to bring his love of history and storytelling to the pages of TimeWorm.


BRENDA HELLER is a retired school teacher who spends time with two daughters, their spouses, and five grandchildren, as well as gardening. At age six, she wrote her first book for her friend, but it wasn’t until college that she published her first work. She and her husband have spent most of their married life in Kansas where they cherish the sunsets across their country fields. Her hobbies include 4-wheeling, hiking, camping, water and snow skiing, and traveling. Her thirty-four years in high school and college classrooms fulfilled her passion for working with teens and encouraged her love for storytelling. When she is not writing, she looks for opportunities to volunteer. For Brenda, a great day ends by in the satisfaction that being busy brings, and she’s ready to weave more storytelling into her dreams.

Seventeen year old Jacob is caught up in a teenage world of skateboarding, technology, and HoloGames until his father’s scientific research of time travel becomes a murderous plot. Fighting for the life of his father and for his own life, Jacob and his robotic dog, Murphy, get time warped over 100 years earlier to Nazi Germany.  The horror of a concentration camp catapults him forward into a land where he doesn’t know the language, and the lessons from his high school classroom have been forgotten.  When history is threatened to be rewritten, Jacob joins with underground societies and 16 year old Gracie, a street urchin whose family has fallen victim to the Third Reich. The teens and robotic dog begin a trek against the evil of Hitler’s regime. Dark alleys, tunnels, and creatures of repulsion force the teens into a dangerous and physically challenging fight to save both past and future.

Following the first book of the TimeWorm series, Theo and Gracie are threatened by dark evil of the Hitler regime. With the help of The Watch, a secret society, the teens and their robot dog plan to leave Germany. They are smuggled into a castle where they discover their friend and guardian has been kidnapped. While Theo is trying to recreate 21st Century technology in 1930s Germany, a shocking discovery leads Gracie through a gypsy camp and into a living nightmare of an experimental house of horrors. A novel of action driven by actual history, Vigilatus ends on American soil in one of the most devastating disasters of the 20th Century. Vigilatus  will take the reader back with Theo as he struggles to relive the horrors of Nazi Germany but realizes rewriting history would rewrite his world of the future.

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